Gymkhana is a series of events consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for riders on horses. We have a children's and adult's team at NEA that boasts many ribbons and trophies at local events!

Use this page to keep up with team participation guidelines and fees.



  • All Gymkhana riders are required to get instructor approval before joining the team. 

  • Team members must commit to the entire gymkhana season (monthly events) and weekly team practices. 

  • All team members are expected to be respectful and sportsman-like to each other, the team leader, and other players at all practices and events.



All gymkhana riders must purchase gymkhana punch cards. 

Each punch card has 8 lesson slots (1-8) and 4 practice rides (A-D). The cost of the cards is:

Borrowed horse: $200

Owned/leased horse: $150

The punching system is as follows; each of the following activities must be punched on the card:

Weekly team practice: 1 punch

Weekly practice ride or lesson: 1 punch

Trailer fee to the competitions: 1 punch

Borrowed horse for competition: 1 punch

Trainer fee for competition: $20 to trainer

Competition entry and membership fees: paid at the competition