Gymkhana is a series of events consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for riders on horses. We have a children's and adult's team at NEA that boasts many ribbons and trophies at local events!

Use this page to keep up with team participation guidelines and fees.



Our teams compete at two local Gymkhana clubs (Modjeska Mavericks and Norco Ranglers) that are part of the California Gymkhana Association (CGA) and host shows once a month (usually at the George Ingalls Arena in Norco). We also attend multi-day events put on by affiliate clubs (IE Vspurs in Temecula).
If you own a horse, you can choose to compete with one or both clubs. Otherwise, coach Sarah will assign a club to you. 
Clothing and gear requirements:The CGA handbook requires all riders to wear jeans with western boots and a tucked in, button down shirt. Shirts can be sleeveless, short, or long-sleeved (long sleeves cannot be rolled up). All riders under 18 must wear a helmet and riders over 18 must wear a helmet or western hat.You are not required to have your own horse tack (you can use the school's) but it is highly encouraged. Part of the fun of Gymkhana is your horse's show tack! You must purchase a hay net, water bucket, bell boots, and splint boots for your horse by the beginning of the season. 
In addition to the above, here are our requirements:

  • All Gymkhana riders are required to get instructor approval before joining the team. 

  • Team members must commit to the entire gymkhana season (monthly events) and weekly team practices. 

  • All team members are expected to be respectful and sportsman-like to each other, the team leader, and other players at all practices and events.



All gymkhana riders must purchase gymkhana punch cards. 

Each punch card has 8 slots (1-8). The cost of the cards is:

Borrowed horse: $200

Owned/leased horse: $150

The punching system is as follows; each of the following activities must be punched on the card (each item=1 punch):

•Weekly team practice

•Trailering fee to the competitions

•Trainer fee for competition

•Borrowed horse for competition (only applies to Borrowed horses)

Other fees

•Competition entry and membership fees are paid at the competition (usually $100/year for CGA membership and $55/show)