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4.7 Stars on Google Reviews
4.5 Stars on Yelp

"I love this place and recommend Norco Equestrian Academy to people that would like to learn the fundamentals of riding a horse.  It has been a few months since taking my daughter because the cold winter kept me bundled up but this weekend will be warm and my 10 year old has been begging to go back, so we plan to this weekend.  The people who operate this business are excellent with thildren and it is so great to have this in Riverside County." - Dan L.

"Shout out to Coach Sarah! My grand daughters had an amazing summer  vacation with Coach Sarah, she is so patient and kind and the girls' hero! Thank you so much for helping me create my cowgirls! This is real riding, not trail riding and I am so happy I found you Sarah! Not only have you helped this Grammy to Cow-girl-up, but my granddaughters too!" -Samantha C.

"Great place! I haven't ridden a horse in a while but I was quick to remember my skills. I love that they let me advance to the highest level I was capable of on my on my first lesson." -Erica F.

"I have been having so much fun here always my dream to ride but finances and life and children take over. Finially decided to take time for myself and my passion with horses and take lessons, Sarah is an awesome trainer and Tom who I believe owns the place is really cool and down to earth. There facility is huge and have a wide variety of horses. They make it affordable and fun and have referred other friends here. Looking forward to eventually leasing a horse in the future or even buying and boarding one there, great job at what u do! Highly recommend!" -Vanessa L.

"First time riding a horse, which was an awesome experience!! The instructor was super friendly and helpful. Really knew what she was talking about. Definitely a great time getting to know how to ride a horse and great quality time with such a beautiful animal.
Horses have great personalities!" -Amanda G.

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